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What Is Xanthin?

The most powerful, naturally produced antioxidant,

Astaxanthin, which NATURA has preserved in its new product, XANTHIN.

It is a unique natural carotenoid pigment and biological antioxidant,

which through a patented process is extracted from green unicellular

marine micro-algae known as: haematococcus pluvialis.

Astaxanthin is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant,

550 times more powerful than vitamin E and

11 times more potent than beta carotene.

It contains essential fatty acids in its chemical structure, that can be fully

absorbed into cellular membranes. Additionally, there are no side effects

related to adding Astaxanthin into your diet because it never oxidizes

in the body. As a result, not only is Astaxanthin the most powerful

antioxidant but is also the safest found in nature.

 Some benefits

 Protects against premature aging

 Cleans and neutralizes free radicals

 Increases energy

 Scientifically proven benefits and dozen patents

 Studies have demonstrated that Astaxanthin helps prevent

Cancer *Rheumatoid arthritis *Parkinson’s disease

*Alzheimer’s disease *Hearts attacks

Xanthin improves strength and muscular resistance

Helps with pain and inflammation due to intense /mild exercise.



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