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What is Focus 20/20?

It is the most powerful and effective formula that combines nutrients and

antioxidants for the nutrition and protection of the connective tissue in our

eyes. FOCUS 20/20 is the best product ever developed for eye and vision

protection in a natural way, beacuse it combines organic ingredients that have

shown great benefits to prevent loss of vision and the manifestation of various

illnesses related to oxidation in the aging process. In FOCUS 20/20 you will

find a sinergetic formula of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essentiial fatty

acids that together offer a powerful protection which maintain healthy eyes and

vision for people of all the ages.

Major Benefits

• It provides natural antioxidant proteccion to the eye’s connective tissue.

• Helps maintain healthy vision.

• Helps prevent vision loss related to aging.

• Helps prevent illness related to eyes oxidation through the process of aging

such as: Cataracs, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

• Helps protect the eyes from free radicals and thesun’s radiation.

• It provides nutrition the nervous system’s connective tissuerelated to vision.

• Helps maintain a healthy microcirculacion inside the eye.

• Helps maintain healthy retina’s light receptors.

Focus 20/20

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